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“It has helped me tremendously when it comes to reaching goals and just being pushed into becoming successful. My advisor was definitely someone who I was able to talk to, get advice from, and most importantly gave me the confidence that I can graduate and get through college!"

- Alexis Holland; Senior; Criminal Justice (SSS REG)

“As an older and special student returning after a 25 year absence, I could have never made it without the support of this program’s tutoring services, informational seminars and most important to me was having a place to go where I could receive love, encouragement and support. Not to forget the fun and educational field trips. Thank you TRIO. I FINISHED Aug 2015.”

- Sharon R. Davis, Interdisciplinary Studies, Senior (SSS REG)

“The student support services have been there for me during some really tough times throughout the year. The "just checking in" emails really make a difference by providing someone to talk to about the stresses of college.”

- Marcus O. Fuller, JR; Political Science; Sophomore (SSS REG)

“SSS has helped me by showing me that I have a big support group who believes I am able to achieve my dreams.”

- Melissa N. Patow, Criminal Justice, Senior (SSS REG)

“Student Support Services has been had a positive impact on my experience at UNLV. I was provided with many different services including free tutoring, useful workshops, a mentor and a scholarship. I would recommend the program to any incoming student.”

- Jaysha Boles, Social Work, Senior (SSS REG)

“The SSS program has worked wonders for me by providing me with private tutors, great workshops, and a wonderful advisor. I was enrolled in this program at the beginning of my sophomore year and it has made my college experience so much better. I can now enjoy my college years and do wonderful in my classes.”

- Unique Bowden, Pre-Professional Biology, Junior (SSS STEM)

“This program has helped me stay on track. It’s a great program; especially for the first generation college students.”

- Nancy Leon, Criminal Justice, Junior (SSS REG)

“TRIO has helped me in every way possible! Without TRIO I wouldn't be on the proper route to where I am now!”

- Roberto Aguayo, Social Work, Senior (SSS REG)

“Student Support Services has made an incredible difference in my college career. It's made me more assertive and willing to take positive risks, because I know I have a support network.”

- Claudia Chiang Lopez, Interdisciplinary Studies/Sociology, Senior (SSS REG)

“SSS puts you in the perfect position to be equipped for success.”

- Quintez Gatewood, Romance Languages, Sophomore (SSS REG)

“The Student Support Services Program has dedicated advisors, fun volunteer activities, tuition aid, and many other great resources that have helped me tremendously. They have helped me feel confident about the path I am taking in college, and have supported me greatly through some of the challenges I have faced - thank you Student Support Services!”

- Jaime Gonzalez, Sociology, Junior (SSS REG)

“The SSS Program has a lot of programs that are made widely available for me. For instance, the fact that the program allows students, such as myself, to receive first priority on registration has helped me think thoroughly of the classes I need to take each semester. Although I have not been in the program long, I am slowly learning to try and take advantage of this experience as much as possible.”

- Sarah Molina, Business, Sophomore (SSS REG)

“They have helped me improve my subject learning by providing me with the tutors, guidance and assistance that I needed. As a single mother going back to school, it can be difficult and costly to get help with certain subjects. But SSS has done so remarkably and without them, I wouldn't have been as successful as I am today.”

- Roxanna Parga, Pre-Professional Biology, Senior (SSS REG)

“This program has helped me transition into my undergraduate career. In order to be successful in college, such as going to UNLV, I learned that I can improve my study habits and achieve my goals to focus for the future.”

- Mark Evaristo, Marketing, Senior (SSS REG)

“Being a part of SSS has been of valuable help for me; by providing guidance, worthwhile workshops, and encouragement by my counselor when needed to succeed in classes.”

- Aide Hernandez , Criminal Justice, Senior (SSS REG)

“Coming into college, I was looking for some assistance as far as how to pace my semesters; so that I finish in four years. The SSS- STEM program has helped me with each of my semesters by giving me an advisor that has helped me out with some decisions I've made and also financially by allowing me to check-out books for some of the classes I was taking.”

- Najeem Ansary, Civil Engineering, Sophomore

“Student Support Services has truly been a life changing experience. The staff works extremely hard to connect their students to various resources. The workshops and seminars the program offers allows students to further educate themselves and get connected to other resources that can be of benefit to them in the long run. This program has helped me grow financially, mentally, and spiritually. It is an amazing feeling when you know you have people who are willing to go the extra mile for you and have your education as a priority.”

- Larmaya Kilgore, Human Services, Senior

“Through the SSS program, I've been able to network with other individuals in my respective major and help develop study groups to ensure we both succeed as being successful students at UNLV.”

- Darius Jackson, Mechanical Engineering, Junior