Upward Bound Gives Back by Fighting Hunger and Cleaning the World

CenterPoint Newsletter | Summer 2017 | by Nicole Garrison, UBMSC Academic Counselor


Giving back to their community is what the UNLV Upward Bound Math & Science Center (UBMSC) participants love to do. Nicole Garrison, academic counselor, took the lead with facilitating multiple community service opportunities for the Upward Bound participants.

Fight against Hunger (Three Square Food Bank). On Saturday, February 4, 2017, one hundred and seventy five students from UBMSC joined forces to aid in the fight against hunger. They sorted donated products, verifying expiration dates, repacking products, and assembling pantry boxes totaling twenty and forty pounds. Participants also filled plastic containers with toiletries and loaded crates to be shelve for distribution. More than half of the children in the Clark County School District struggle with hunger. Three Square provides meals to millions of people through community partners and programs at various sites throughout the greater Las Vegas area. In total, the UBMSC participants packed over two thousand pounds of snack foods, over four thousand pounds of dry food, and sanitized enough bins to hold over seven thousand kids café meals.

Clean the World is a social enterprise with the mission of saving millions of lives around the world. Clean the World leads a global hygiene revolution to distribute recycled soap and hygiene products from more than four thousand hotel and resort partners to children and families in countries with a high death rate due to acute respiratory infection (pneumonia) and diarrheal diseases (cholera) which are two of the top killers of children under the age of five. Since 2009, Clean the World has distributed more than thirty-five million bars of soap in one hundred countries.

Upward Bound director, Jennie Johnson, and twenty one UBMSC participants volunteered to help clean the world. The Upward Bound team took on the task of measuring and sorting used bottles of soap, shampoo and conditioner. Volunteers must sort through boxes of used personal hygiene products and divide them into various labeled boxes according to measurements and type. The UBMSC team were pleased to know that their hard work would benefit thousands across the world. Upward Bound participants will never look at a bar of soap the same way again, as they now know that the reprocessed soap and other items will be donated to the homeless, victims of natural disasters, veterans, etc.

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