Backpacks to Briefcases

CenterPoint Newsletter | January 2017 | by Ivore White, Academic Counselor for Upward Bound Math & Science Center


Backpacks to Briefcases is an Upward Bound Math & Science Center (UBMSC) summer residential program initiative created by UBMSC director, Jennie Johnson, in conjunction with Mr. Uri Clinton, vice president and deputy general counsel at MGM Grand Resorts International. The goal of Backpacks to Briefcases (B2B) is to expose UBMSC students to the business leadership and operation side of the legal profession.

On Thursday afternoons during the summer residential program, Mr. Clinton presented on a variety of business topics, with emphasis on the art of debate and negotiation. Dressed in business attire, the UBMSC students split into teams, adopted companies such as IBM, Apple, and Google, and decided on each individual’s business role within the company. The students were then given real world application of how businesses function and operate by playing Monopoly. Students realized the importance of not only their individual responsibilities, but how the roles and responsibilities of those around them allowed the company to run properly and ultimately flourish. The winner of the Monopoly game was determined by the amount of money the team’s company earned multiplied by the company’s net worth.

To showcase the business concepts learned, the residential program concluded with a debate competition and an essay contest. The winner of the essay contest received a one-thousand-dollar scholarship. The UBMSC staff eagerly anticipates hosting the Backpacks to Briefcases program next summer.

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