Lending a Helping Hand

CenterPoint Newsletter | January 2017 | by Amris Henry, Family Support Specialist for FSS

On November 15, 2016, Family Support Services (FSS) staff and practicum students volunteered with Project Homeless Connect, an annual event that provides services and resources for homeless and low-income individuals and families in the Las Vegas area. The event was hosted by the Nevada Homeless Alliance, which was established in 1992, and since then has executed over twenty-three Project Homeless Connects. Participants received haircuts, dental and eye examinations, clothing, food, and assistance from various service agencies. In the last five years over fifteen thousand homeless clients have been serviced at this event.

FSS assisted with the check-in process and had the opportunity to conduct initial assessments with clients and complete intake forms to determine eligibility. FSS staff also helped determine needs of potential services and served as guides by engaging in one-on-one discussions and assisting clients to locate the services selected. FSS practicum students were able to recognize the needs and circumstances of homeless and low-income individuals and families to ensure each person received proper services to meet their immediate needs. Through this experience, FSS practicum students were able to gain a first-hand account of the resources that are available through the organizations servicing the Las Vegas homeless and low-income population.

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