GEAR UP Student Spotlight

CenterPoint Newsletter | January 2017 | by Lorena Guzman, Coordinator for GEAR UP


Alondra Garcia is an eighth-grade student at Mike O’Callaghan Middle School. Alondra moved to the United States in July 2015 from Michoacán, Mexico. Due to her inability to understand English well, Alondra struggled academically during her first semester, earning a 2.67 GPA. She was encouraged by a GEAR UP tutor to join the UNLV GEAR UP program in the fall of 2015. Since becoming a participant, Alondra has received assistance with her homework and has increased her understanding of English. As a result, her GPA has increased from 2.67 to 3.0.

Of the numerous academic activities offered through the GEAR UP program, Alondra benefited most from the college tours, specifically the UNLV college tour. Alondra originally planned to move back to Mexico after graduation, but since learning of the financial aid opportunities and academic programs available, she has decided to stay in Las Vegas and study medical forensics and nutrition at UNLV.

Within a year of arriving in the United States, Alondra has excelled both academically and socially. She is a motivated student and driven to succeed.  With support from her family and her passion for learning, Alondra feels confident pursuing postsecondary education.

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