CSN Placement Testing Available at the UNLV Educational Opportunity Center

CenterPoint Newsletter | Summer 2017 | by Carolynn Taylor, EOC Assistant Director


Building strong relationships with community partners is paramount to the success of the programs at The UNLV Center for Academic Enrichment and Outreach. Adults entering or returning to a postsecondary institution can be faced with a challenging and stressful experience. This is why the TRIO Educational Opportunity Center’s (EOC) partnership with the College of Southern Nevada (CSN) is so important. Many of the EOC participants begin their undergraduate careers at CSN so it makes sense to cultivate a lasting partnership with this great institution. One of the key steps in starting at CSN is taking a placement test to gauge the students’ English and Math abilities. In order to accommodate participants who reside in the southeast part of Las Vegas, CSN has collaborated with The Center’s EOC to offer placement testing at the EOC offices on East Tropicana Avenue.

On April 5, 2017 Ms. Maria Ubaldo, coordinator of student recruitment at CSN, facilitated the placement test in the EOC classroom. With the help of The Center’s information technology staff who provided the set-up and computer equipment, Ms. Ubaldo was able to test five of our participants who will be attending CSN in the fall. The benefit to CSN, EOC, and more importantly, program participants is that by offering the placement test on our premises program participants do not have to commute to a campus to begin their experience with CSN. These participants were grateful to have the placement test services available on the southeast part of the valley

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