UBMSC Participants Serve as Interns in Various UNLV Departments

CenterPoint Newsletter | January 2016 | by Kelly Yurchick, Academic Counselor for UBMSC


The Upward Bound Math & Science Center (UBMSC) participants were able to take part in a unique experience during the UBMSC Summer Residential Program (SRP) through the willingness and support from the UNLV campus community and The Center’s fellow programs and divisions.

Every Thursday afternoon, seniors attended an internship at assigned offices on and off campus. Student interns reported to their office supervisor and helped in whatever capacity was needed for that day. Students learned skills including, but not limited to: general office work, phone etiquette, program and event planning, and proper business etiquette. Students were placed in diverse settings on campus: the Office of the Vice President for Student Affairs, Donna Beam Fine Art Gallery, Wiener-Rogers Law Library, PGA Golf Management program, and an engineering lab. Student feedback was very positive, with many saying that they learned a lot and enjoyed meeting people from different areas on the UNLV campus. This program was also a wonderful way for the campus community to learn more about UBMSC and its participants. The offices enjoyed working with the students and plan to participate in the internship program next summer.

While the seniors were at their internships, the other UBMSC SRP participants took part in workshops created and facilitated by UBMSC instructors, Educational Talent Search and GEAR UP staff. Workshop topics were diverse, ranging from academic (time management, Google Docs, computer science, career exploration) to life skills (dining etiquette, public speaking, personal finance, overcoming adversity) and wellness (Zumba, yoga, stress management). Students were also exposed to unique activities such as crocheting, book-making, canvas painting, and desert gardening. It was great to learn about the skills and talents that The Center’s staff members had and that willing to share with the students. The program expresses gratitude to everyone who housed UBMSC interns and to those who volunteered their time to host a workshop.

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