SSS Participant Recollects UNLV School of Medicine Admissions Panel Experience

CenterPoint Newsletter | June 2016 | by Chris Martin Manuel, SSS Participant


I was afforded the opportunity to attend the UNLV Medical School Admissions Panel on Tuesday, May 17, 2016 on behalf of the Student Support Services program. The event provided me with important insight and information regarding the curriculum and admissions process of the highly anticipated UNLV School of Medicine.

Not only was I provided with valuable information, but I also had the opportunity to create meaningful connections and relationships with other prospective students, as well as Dr. Barbara Atkinson (founding dean), Dr. Samuel Parrish (senior associate dean for student affairs and admissions), and Ann Diggins (director of admissions and student affairs). They were able to answer my questions regarding the prerequisites for admission. Additionally, I gained insight from their personal experiences in medical school. Upon hearing of the challenges Dr. Parrish faced concerning the medical school’s curriculum development, I acquired a greater understanding of why the admissions panel elected to implement the chosen curriculum for the UNLV School of Medicine.

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