Who is eligible for SNNA-LSAMP?

SNNA‐LSAMP recruits students at UNLV, NAU, CSN, and CCC and serves these students so long as they are enrolled as undergraduates at any of the four partner institutions. All students selected to become SNNA‐LSAMP participants are, at their time of selection:

  • Freshman URMs who are STEM majors with a strong need for academic support;
  • Freshman URMs who are non‐STEM majors and:
    • Have an interest in STEM; and/or
    • Would likely be successful in STEM; or
  • Juniors who are STEM majors and have a strong record of academic achievement.

SNNA-LSAMP recruits:

  • Freshman each year from 2017‐18 through 2021‐22; and
  • Juniors in 2017‐18 only.

What is the cost?

All SNNA‐LSAMP services are free of charge to all students selected to become participants