What is Family Support Services?


FSS is commited to:

  • Adhere to human services professional work values and ethics as outlined in the professional Code of Ethics
  • Comply and adhere to laws and policies pertaining to human resources professional practices and processes
  • Promote the dignity and self-worth of all people
  • Promote and model integrity and respect
  • Promote cultural and ethnic diversity
  • Enhance human well-being to help meet the basic needs of clients
  • Empower clients who are vulnerable, oppressed, and living in poverty
  • Empower and equip individuals and families to become actively involved in the lives of their children and in the community
  • Equip individuals in order to promote personal and academic success
  • Promote social justice and social change with and on behalf of the clients
  • Collaborate with all departments and entities affiliated with The Center in order to provide human services to those individuals in need
  • Encourage academic success in all individuals participating in a CAEO program