PDF version of The Center's Services available here

Pre-College Level Services:

  • Academic, financial and personal counseling
  • Exposure to academic programs and cultural events
  • Tutoring, after-school instruction and preparation for college-entrance exams
  • Assistance with completing college admission and financial aid applications
  • Mentoring programs, career exploration and leadership development
  • Information on postsecondary education opportunities
  • College tours
  • Academic Year College Preparation and Summer Residential Programs
  • Parents/families involvement and activities
  • Credit retrieval
  • High School Proficiency Exam Preparation
  • Teacher development
  • Workshops (financial literacy, study skills, SAT/ACT Prep, etc.)

College Level Services:

  • Academic, financial and personal counseling
  • Tutoring and workshops
  • GRE/GMAT Preparation
  • Direct financial assistance (grant-in-aid, scholarships, stipends) to current participants
  • Travel funds for current participants to attend and present at conferences
  • Assistance with graduate or professional school admissions
  • Advocacy for admission and retention
  • Research opportunities and mentoring
  • Summer research internships and leadership development
  • Civic engagement and service learning opportunities
  • Career exploration and preparation
  • Workshops (financial literacy, graduate school preparation, study skills, etc.)

Adult Level Services:

  • Academic advising and personal counseling
  • Career exploration and mentoring
  • GED pre-testing and testing fee assistance
  • Assistance with the re-entry process to high school, vocational school, or college
  • Assistance in completing applications for college admissions, testing and financial aid
  • Information on postsecondary educational opportunities and student financial assistance
  • Media activities designed to involve and acquaint the community with higher education opportunities
  • Introduction to other community and campus resources
  • Workshops (financial literacy, computer literacy, study skills, etc.)