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The mission of GEAR UP is to significantly increase the number of low-income students who are prepared to enter and succeed in postsecondary education.

GEAR UP is designed to enable more young Americans to stay in school, study hard and take the right courses to succeed in college. The aim is to help communities create new or expanded school programs and provide educational opportunities for students.

Additionally, GEAR UP prompts local schools, community-based organizations, private industry and institutions of higher education to work in partnerships to help students, and their parents, gain needed knowledge and bolster academic programs in their schools.

Who is Eligible?

All Students attending the Center's target middle schools and high schools- Refer the list below:

Target Schools

Middle Schools High Schools

William H. Bailey
Harold J. Brinley
Clifford O. Findlay
John C. Fremont
Robert O. Gibson
K. O. Knudson
Mike O'Callaghan
William E. Orr
Marvin M. Sedway
Ed Von Tobel
West Prep

Canyon Springs
Sunrise Mountain

GEAR UP High School Contact Information
Canyon Springs High School
350 E Alexander Rd · North Las Vegas, NV
GEAR UP Contact
: Assistant Principal Lolo James
Phone: (702) 799-1870
GU Coordinator: Natasha Williams
GEAR UP Office
: portable 720
: (702) 799-1870 ext.3959

Eldorado High School
Address: 1139 N. Linn Lane, Las Vegas, NV 89110
GEAR UP Contact: Principal John Anzalone
Phone: 702-799-7200
GU Coordinator: Tommy French
GEAR UP Office: 207A
GEAR UP Phone: 702-799-7255 Ext. 4097

Mojave High School
Address: 5302 Goldfield St N. Las Vegas, NV 89031-2934
GEAR UP Contact: Assistant Principal Jennifer Johnson
Phone: 702-799-0432
GU Coordinator: Gerard Medlock
GEAR UP Office: N/A. The GEAR UP office is located in the cafeteria.
GEAR UP Phone: 702-799-0432 Ext. n/a

Sunrise Mountain High School
Address:  2575 Los Feliz, Las Vegas, NV 89156
GEAR UP Contact:  Assistant Principal Mark Lowry
Phone:  702-799-7207 ext. 4207
GU Coordinator:  Sherida Devine
GU Office: Library, Room 903
GU Phone:  702-799-7207 ext. 4059

Valley High School
Address: 2839 S. Burnham Ave Las Vegas, NV 89169
GEAR UP Contact: Deann Burnett
GU Coordinator: Luana "Lu" Graham-Abrao
GEAR UP Office: Portable 12
GEAR UP Phone: (702) 799-5450 x4059
Western High School
Address: 4601 West Bonanza RD · Las Vegas, NV
GEAR UP Contact: Assistant Principal Susan "Susie" Bageant
Phone: (702) 799-4080 ext. 4205
GU Coordinator:      David Dineen
GEAR UP Office: 700 Building- Room 711
GEAR UP Phone: (702) 799-4080 ext 4003
GEAR UP Middle School Contact Information

Bailey Middle School
Address: 2500 N. Hollywood Blvd, Las Vegas, NV 89156
GEAR UP Contact:

GU Coordinator:  Quashuanna Banks 
GU Counselor:  Virgil Hurd
GEAR UP Office: 324
GEAR UP Phone: (702) 799-4811 x4037

Brinley Middle School
Address: 2480 Maverick St., Las Vegas, NV 89108
GEAR UP Contact:

GU Coordinator:   Charitie Bronson
GU Counselor:    Veronica Garcia
GEAR UP Office: Portable 704
GEAR UP Phone: (702) 799-4550 x 4087

Findlay Middle School
Address: 333 W. Tropical Pkwy., North Las Vegas, NV 89031
GEAR UP Contact:

GU Coordinator:  Rodney Bumpers
GU Counselor:  Tina Bonmon
GEAR UP Office: Portable 1
GEAR UP Phone: (702) 799-3160 x3951

John C. Fremont Professional Development Middle School
Address: 1100 E. St. Louis Avenue, Las Vegas, NV 89104
GEAR UP Contact:
Ms. Ann T. Brown, Principal - (702) 799-5558, ext. 4100
GU Coordinator:  Patra Nakornthap-Arjong
GEAR UP Office: Portable 2
GEAR UP Phone: (702) 799-5558, dial extension 4100 to the Principal's secretary and she can patch you through to our portable (our office is still considered a classroom, so direct calls are not allowed)

Gibson Middle School
Address: 3900 W. Washington Ave., Las Vegas, NV 89107
GEAR UP Contact:

Coordinator:  Sandy Kijianki
Counselor:   Lernito Gomez
GEAR UP Office: Portable 3990
GEAR UP Phone: (702) 799-4700 x 4010

K.O Knudson Middle School
Address: 2400 Atlantic Street, Las Vegas, NV 89104
GEAR UP Contact: Principal Dr. Monica Cortez
Phone: 702-799-7255
GU Coordinator: Joshua Gainey
GU Counselor: Curtis Allen
GEAR UP Office: 904
GEAR UP Phone: 702-799-7470 Ext. 4090

O'Callaghan Middle School
Address: 1450 Radwick Dr., Las Vegas, NV 89110
GEAR UP Contact:

Coordinator:  Lorena Guzman
Counselor:  Virgil Hurd
GEAR UP Office: Room 308
GEAR UP Phone: (702) 799-7340 x 4037

Orr Middle School
Address:  1562 E. Katie Ave.Las Vegas, NV 89119
GEAR UP Contact:  Assistant Principal Cecilia French
Phone:  702-799-5573 ext. 4201
GU Coordinator:  Nitza Brand Restrepo
GU Office: Room 304
GU Phone:  702-799-5573 ext. 3304

Sedway Middle School
Address: 3465 Engelstad St., North Las Vegas, NV 89032
GEAR UP Contact:

Coordinator:  Tara Manor
Counselor:  Lernito Gomez
GEAR UP Office: Portable 100
GEAR UP Phone: (702) 799-3880 x 4091

Von Tobel Middle School
Address: 2436 N. Pecos Rd., Las Vegas, NV 89115
GEAR UP Contact:

Coordinator:  Jackie Lester
Counselor:  Tina Bonmon
GEAR UP Office: Room 800
GEAR UP Phone: (702) 799-7280 x4150

West Prep Academy
Address: 2050 Saphire Stone Drive Las Vegas, NV 89106
GEAR UP Contact
: Asst. Principal Anthony Marentic
: 702-799-3120 ext.4200
GU Coordinator: Victoria Parker
GU Public Service Intern: Jevon Banks
GEAR UP Office
: Portable 41
: 702-799-3120 Ext. 4150


What is the Cost?

All services are free of charge to all eligible participants.



       Reynolds Student Services Complex,
       4505 Maryland Parkway Room 301
       Box 452006
       Las Vegas, NV 89154
       Tel 702.895.4777     Fax: 702.895.4786

Off campus location

       Executive Center West
       1455 E. Tropicana Avenue, Suite 650
       Las Vegas, NV 89119
       Tel 702.774.4545     Fax 702.774.4333



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