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Adult Educational Services (AES)

ADULT EDUCATIONAL SERVICES (AES) is a federally funded program designed to assist adults (19 years of age and older) with the process of entering into post secondary education (beyond high school). Although housed at the University of Nevada Las Vegas, AES does not recruit for UNLV, but aims to assist individuals to enter into a program of postsecondary education throughout the country. What are you waiting for? Join the thousands of Clark County residents who are advancing to pursue a college education. We are here for YOU!

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About AES

The Mission of the Adult Educational Services Program is to assist individuals 19 years of age and older in pursuit of a post secondary education. Adult Educational Services also assists with career path choices and appropriate education channels, as well as encourages high school dropouts to return to adult high school or obtain a GED (General Educational Development Certificate).

Who is Eligible?

The program is open to legal residents of the US, be at least 19 years of age or older, and reside in Clark County Nevada

What is the Cost?

There is no charge other than your commitment to education. Your future is your responsibility!

How do I Apply?

Click here to download an application. Simply fill out and fax to (702) 774-4338


Center For Academic Enrichment and Outreach
Education Opportunity Center Program "AES"
       Executive Center West
       1455 E. Tropicana Avenue, Suite 390
       Las Vegas, NV 89119
       Tel 702.774.4200     Fax 702.774-4338

          (mail delivery is not available at this location)

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Mailing address

       Reynolds Student Services Complex
       4505 Maryland Parkway Room 301
       Box 452006
       Las Vegas, NV 89154

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Office Hours

The UNLV Adult Educational Services Program is open Monday through Friday. Office Hours are:

Monday - Friday: 8AM - 5PM

The AES offices are closed during observed UNLV Holidays.

AES Honoree

Barbara Gordon

Contact Information


Peggy Marlow
Director for AES & ETS